Classification of dangerous incidents


Icidents of environmental and/or safety relevance, malfunctions, serious incidents, emergency situations, dangerous events, etc., which clearly deviate from standard, regulated operations and are characterized by:

- The emission or spread of gases, flue gases, dust, liquids, aerosols 
 - (concrete emission points, e.g. flues, safety valves, leaks or diffuse emission sources),
 - excessive and/or prolonged noise emissions,
 - deflagrations, bursts, explosions, flying debris, etc. or
- the occurrence of water pollution subject to obligatory reporting under the Water Rights Act.

A Warning

is necessary when a danger to humans exists (health and/or explosion hazard) and this hazard cannot be controlled by means of the short-term cordoning off of a small area. In line with an agreement between the Upper Austrian government, the City of Linz, the Urban District of Steyregg and the companies resident in the Chemiepark Linz regarding cooperation in the case of incidents of damage, 4 Danger Levels have been defined.