Linz is the heart of AUSTRIA’s  leading industry, export- and technology region, also  home of  a well established, globally active chemical industry.

As far as traffic is concerned, Linz  is linked to European highway – systems, having an international airport and  also considered as  middle European SOUTH – EAST railway – junction.  Furthermore Linz  is  situated at the river Danube one of Europe’s main waterways.  This provides unique logistical links to all Western/Southern  European markets, as well as to economically most promising Eastern European region.

Linz is also seen as a   commercial  hub due to its set up of worldwide  recognized  companies , having excellent schools  and also a well known  university.   Linz enjoys  financial strength and is also considered as an extremely safe industrial town with a high standard of living.


We are a company with differing business areas, which are firmly united around a common core zone.


We wish to achieve jointly established goals on the basis of mutual trust and respect, and in this connection we regard long-term, constructive cooperation as being more important than the attainment of short-term advantages.  


We regard as obligatory a corporate culture characterized by contractual compliance, target-orientation, esteem and openness, values that apply equally to our dealings with each other. We also wish for an attractive location image.

The need to safeguard both health and the environment, in combination with a simultaneous balance between economics and ecology, determines our actions, whereby work safety and a dramatic reduction in accidents represent our primary objectives.  


We are honest to one another and cultivate a dialogue with the general public, our neighbors and the authorities.


As a result of an excellent road, rail and air network, in combination with the Danube waterway and the Rhine-Main Canal, Linz possesses excellent transport links to all of Western Europe, as well as the new growth markets in the eastern half of the continent.

Management of Access

To prevent the CPL of unauthorised persons entering the site we run a clear management of access for employees, contractors and visitors as well as rules for internal traffic (incl. parking, LKW – guidance system).

Duty of supervision of visitors is clearly dedicated to the responsible recipient. By sticking to the valid rules we can at anytime evaluate the exact number of people on site.

Fire brigade

In 1942, when the original nitrogen plant was built, the management already recognized the fact that fire protection was both sensible and, due to the wartime situation, vital. In addition, at that time it was also clear that in the case of an emergency, rapid assistance should be guaranteed. This could only be provided by a company fire service, which would also be able to respond speedily to internal, operational requirements.

At the end of the 1990s an increasing number of companies took up residence at the Chemie Linz location and the Chemiepark Linz was founded. One objective was to bring these companies under the protective umbrella of the fire service. Therefore, in order that it could handle this assignment, the service was allocated an autonomous role through the foundation in 1999 of the Chemiepark Linz Betriebsfeuerwehr GmbH, which was entered into the company register at the Linz provincial court under the number 178148 h. The motive behind this spin-off into a separate company was to secure the independence of the fire service from individual firms in view of the numerous enterprises in the Chemiepark. 


The owners of the Chemiepark Linz Betriebsfeuerwehr GmbH are Borealis Agrolinz Melamine GmbH, DSM Fine Chemicals Austria Nfg GmbH & CoKG, Nufarm GmbH & Co.KG, Nycomed Austria GmbH and Chemserv Industrie Service GmbH.

The Chemiepark Linz industrial fire service is entered in the Upper Austrian Fire Service Register. Moreover, following a decree from the Upper Austrian government dating from August 13, 2007, Chemiepark Linz Betriebsfeuerwehr GmbH was legally authorized to carry out rescue and ambulance services at the Chemiepark Linz.