About Aurorium Austria GmbH

Aurorium is the materials innovation partner that helps global manufacturers harness the power of possibility to make the world a better place. Their specialty ingredients and high-performance materials enhance quality of life, support health and wellness, and enable customers to deliver value-added solutions. Key industries served include household products, coatings & adhesives, energy & electronics, healthcare, food & beverages, agriculture, transportation, and paper & packaging.  A Responsible Care® company, Aurorium follows the highest regulatory standards across all manufacturing facilities. The company’s global integrated supply chain offers the customer product consistency, easy access, supply security and reasonable turnaround on delivery. Aurorium is committed to operating at the highest levels of manufacturing consistency, quality control and safety.


Aurorium Austria GmbH (formerly Vertellus Specialties Austria GmbH or IM Chemicals GmbH) at the Chemical Park Linz, is a reliable and flexible supplier of high-quality maleic anhydrides and derivatives and has been part of Aurorium since October 2021. The Aurorium Group is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, USA and currently employs around 1,400 people at 18 locations in the USA, Europe and Asia.


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